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Sleep Studies Specialist

Dallas Sleep

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Specialists & Sleep Center located in Plano, TX & McKinney, TX

Whether you’re struggling with insomnia or need to know if sleep apnea is causing your snoring, you may benefit from a sleep study. Raj Kakar, MD, and the team at Dallas Sleep in Plano and McKinney, Texas, perform many types of sleep studies to help you get the right diagnosis and treatment plan. Find out more about sleep studies at Dallas Sleep by calling the office or by booking an appointment online today.

Sleep Studies Q & A

What are sleep studies?

Sleep studies are tests that help diagnose sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and insomnia. 

Dr. Kakar is among the world’s leading experts in sleep health. Dallas Sleep offers many types of sleep studies to help understand the root cause of your snoring, fatigue, or other sleep-related issues and to determine the best treatment for you. 

What are the types of sleep studies?

Dallas Sleep offers sleep studies you do at home as well as those conducted at the sleep lab.

Home sleep testing

For home sleep testing, the team has you come to the office to pick up a special device that monitors your breathing effort, blood oxygen levels, pulse rate, and snoring while you sleep. 

The home sleep test includes a device you wear on your finger and a mask with nasal tubes that go up your nose. The device records the information during one night of sleep and you bring everything back to the office so the team can review the data. 

Home sleep testing is a screening tool the Dallas Sleep team uses for sleep apnea.

Sleep lab testing

Dallas Sleep also offers sleep studies at their state-of-the-art sleep lab. 

During a sleep lab study, Dr. Kakar and the sleep technicians monitor air flow in and out of your mouth and nose, blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate, heart rate, body position, eye movements, snoring sounds, leg movements, and breathing events. 

During the sleep lab study, Dr. Kakar and the team monitor and collect data during your sleep to help diagnose your sleep disorder. 

How do I know what sleep studies I need?

Dr. Kakar and the team at Dallas Sleep determine which sleep study is best for you after your comprehensive initial evaluation. The study you need depends on your specific needs, symptoms, and concerns.

When possible, the team performs a home sleep study, especially if they suspect your sleep disorder is sleep apnea. However, they may then have you come in for a sleep lab study to get more information or to determine the optimal treatment for you. 

Dallas Sleep is an accredited sleep center, which means they have an on-site sleep health physician who reviews your sleep study results. For an accurate diagnosis and patient-centered care, call Dallas Sleep or book an appointment online today.