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CPAP Mask Pillows, Mask Liners, Mask Wipes & Power Stations

Dr. Kakar's Pillow

Do you switch between sleeping positions all night and wake up feeling groggy and sore in the morning? Do you find yourself getting up over and over due to pesky air leaks when you wear a CPAP mask? If so, Dr. Kakar's Pillow is the pillow of your dreams. This unique sleep positioning aid was conceived of and created by our own medical director here at Snoring & Fatigue to help his patients get the best sleep possible. Dr. Kakar's Pillow unique shape keeps CPAP masks in place and ensures comfort and support for side and back sleepers all night long, making it perfect for everyone, no matter what keeps them up at night.

Dr. Kakar's Pillow

$49.95 +tx


Silent Night CPAP Mask Liners

Silent Night Mask Liners are a CPAP mask accessory that help make CPAP therapy comfortable, hygienic, and effective. Made of antimicrobial fabric that's soft and comfortable, Silent Night Full Face mask liners help form a secure seal between your skin and the cushion of your CPAP mask. These easy to install liners come in three sizes that can be secured to your preferred mask brand with Quick Stick™ Tabs, so there's no need for constant readjustment.

Silent Night CPAP Mask Liners

$24.95 +tx



Dr. Kakar's CPAP Mask Wipes

Dr. Kakar’s CPAP Mask Wipes are specially formulated to remove dirt, grease, oils, and other residue from your mask and equipment, without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals. Our all-natural, plant-derived formula keeps your CPAP equipment clean and fresh. Developed by a Sleep Physician in the USA!

Dr. Kakar's Mask Wipes 

$ 4.99 +tx 


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