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Sleep Apnea May Increase Risk Of Developing Alzheimer's Disease
New study finds obstructive sleep apnea may put elderly people at greater risk of developing


Dr. Raj Kakar is a member of the Baylor Quality Alliance.

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The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has launched, a new patient education website. The website provides current, topical content about sleep disorders and disease management, as well as videos that offer additional information on important patient-oriented topics. Learn More

See Dr. Kakar's recent appearance on ABC's Hot On! Health & Beauty.


Dr. Kakar has been interviewed by CNN, Dallas Morning News, CBS 11 News in D/FW, National Sleep Foundation, and Hot On! Health & Beauty.
Why we're sleeping less - read full story on CNN

Dallas Sleep was named #4 in the country (Small Business Category), in the Dave Thomas Foundation's 2010 Best Adoption Friendly Workplaces.
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Did you know that children with sleep disorders are more likely to develop ADHD? Read on.
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When should I see a doctor for my insomnia?
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Learn more about the real health risks associated with sleep apnea.
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As a harbinger of widespread pain, poor sleep stands out.
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