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Home Sleep Testing Specialist

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You may put off scheduling an appointment with a sleep expert if you feel uncomfortable spending the night in a sleep lab. With advances in medical technology, Raj Kakar, MD, and the team at Dallas Sleep offer home sleep testing. With home sleep testing, the team collects data while you sleep to screen for sleep disorders. Find out more about home sleep testing and how it may benefit you by calling the office in Plano or McKinney, Texas, or booking an appointment online today.

Home Sleep Testing Q & A

What is home sleep testing?

Home sleep testing is one of the diagnostic tools the Dallas Sleep team uses to screen for sleep disorders. Dr. Kakar is a world-leading snoring and sleep apnea specialist. He’s always looking into new research and developments in sleep disorders.

Dr. Kakar understands many people may delay getting help for their sleep problem if they feel uncomfortable with the idea of having to spend the night at a sleep lab. So, to provide the care you need, Dr. Kakar and the team offer home sleep testing.

With home sleep testing, they collect breathing data while you sleep in your own bed, including breathing effort, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and snoring.

Am I a candidate for home sleep testing?

The Dallas Sleep team determines if you’re a candidate for home sleep testing when you come in for an initial evaluation. During this visit, Dr. Kakar reviews your medical history, sleep habits, and concerns. He also performs a physical exam.

Dr. Kakar may consider you a candidate for home sleep testing if he suspects you may have sleep apnea and wants to conduct a screening before having you come in for a comprehensive sleep study. 

Home sleep testing only screens for sleep apnea. You may not be a candidate for the home sleep test if Dr. Kakar suspects you have some other sleep disorder, such as restless legs syndrome or narcolepsy. Or, he may want to evaluate the quality of your sleep by monitoring brain wave activity.

What happens during home sleep testing?

The Dallas Sleep team has you come to the office to pick up the home sleep testing equipment. They also train you on how to use the equipment. 

Home sleep testing includes a device you place on your finger to monitor your blood oxygen levels. You also wear a nasal tube mask and sensors on your chest and abdomen to monitor your breathing and breathing effort. 

In most cases, the team only needs you to conduct your home sleep test for one night.

What happens after home sleep testing?

After your home sleep test, the team has you return the equipment so they can review the data. Then, they schedule a follow-up visit to the office to discuss the results and the next steps. 

If your test determines you have sleep apnea, they provide recommendations to improve breathing while you sleep. If your symptoms worsen, the team may recommend a lab-based sleep study so they can determine the underlying cause of your sleep problem. 

To schedule an evaluation with the sleep experts at Dallas Sleep to learn more about home sleep testing, call the office or book an appointment online today.