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Snoring & Fatigue Center is a revolutionary model of health care, developed by one of the international leaders in Sleep Health and Medicine, for the treatment of Snoring, Fatigue, and Sleep Health.

Snoring & Fatigue Center does NOT accept health insurance, because we offer deeply discounted pricing. By removing the insurance company middle men, we are able to pass along huge savings directly to you – so you actually pay less for the products and services we offer!


One-on-One Professional Evaluation

Professional Consultation

Start your evaluation with a one-on-one professional evaluation by one of our expert medical providers. You will have the opportunity to share your medical history, sleep history, and concerns with one of our expert medical providers, who will also complete a sleep health-related physical examination. Then, our expert medical provider will make recommendations and tailor a plan that best meets your needs. 

With a Physician – 30 min.


With a Nurse Practitioner or PA – 30 min.



Professional Follow Up Visit

Once you have completed your initial testing and evaluation, come back to discuss your results and to develop a treatment plan that best meets your individual needs. Our expert medical providers will thoroughly explain your study results and answer any questions that you may have. They will also take the time to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision possible regarding treatment. 

With a Physician – 15 min.


With a Nurse Practitioner or PA – 15 min.



Home Sleep Apnea Test 

Need to confirm you have sleep apnea? This test is often required to confirm a diagnosis before treatment can be prescribed. Simply take home this easy-to-use device to collect the data while you sleep in the comfort of your own bed! Performing the Home Sleep Apnea Test for two consecutive nights increases the accuracy of the test results. And the second night is included with the purchase of one night!

Home Sleep Apnea Test



Attended In-Lab Sleep Study

Sometimes you just need the comfort and knowledge that comes from a comprehensive in-lab, monitored sleep study. This evaluation is especially helpful for those who may have mild or borderline cases of sleep disturbance that may not be picked up with a Home Sleep Apnea Test. This in-lab sleep study is also very helpful in determining the optimal type of treatment for each individual's sleep disturbance.

Diagnostic only - Adults


Diagnostic only - Teens

(11-17 y/o)

Diagnostic only - Pediatric

(under 11 y/o)

With PAP treatment - Adults






With PAP treatment - Teens

(11-17 y/o)

With PAP treatment - Pediatric

(under 11 y/o)

½ & ½ Diagnostic and PAP treatment - For Adults Only







Personalized Mask Fitting Session 

When you are having trouble finding the right CPAP mask, or if your mask just doesn’t seem to fit right, allow one of expert mask fit specialists to help you find the perfect mask option for you!

15 minutes


30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


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