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Hey CPAP Users: Meet the Pillow of Your Dreams

What’s The Ultimate Pillow? It’s a uniquely shaped pillow made of quality, ventilated memory foam that makes it a whole lot easier to sleep at night, especially if you use a CPAP machine and face mask. If you do, we probably don’t need to tell you how annoying mask leaks are.

For one thing, they can get pretty noisy which might result in an elbow to the ribs and your bed partner telling you to “Fix your mask!” More importantly, significant enough leaks make it hard for your CPAP to work properly by impairing the sensors on your machine. And those significant leaks? It’s not uncommon for those to be caused by your pillow. Conventional pillows aren’t exactly forgiving when it comes to CPAP masks, especially if you’re a side sleeper. Masks can slip, hoses can get in the way, and no one sleeps soundly.

And that’s a problem.

The solution is The Ultimate Pillow, uniquely shaped to help you sleep comfortably with a CPAP mask. Except it’s also much more than a great CPAP pillow.

Anyone can use it; side sleepers will get the support they need from the high, firm sides of The Ultimate Pillow, while back sleepers will love sleeping on a pillow that facilitates neck and back alignment. Since the majority of people switch between those positions at night, having a pillow that makes both positions comfortable means no more waking up to an aching neck or nasty headache.

Until now, The Ultimate Pillow has been pretty low-profile; it’s the pillow our patients use here at the sleep lab. But today we’re pleased to announce that The Ultimate Pillow is officially available to anyone!

So whether you’re looking for a pillow designed for CPAP users like you, looking for a CPAP pillow for someone you love, or just looking for a great pillow you’ll love, look no further than The Ultimate Pillow.

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