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Drowsy When Driving

November marks that special time in most of the U.S. when we “fall back” one hour for Daylight Savings Time. It’s always nice to get an extra hour of sleep. It’s such a good feeling. But, as we change our clocks and get adjusted to our new time, we have to keep in mind the dangers inherent in the shorter days that lay ahead during the winter months. With less daylight hours, more people will be driving in the dark. The busy commute hours in the morning and in the evening are likely going to be more often in the darkness than in sunlight. Therefore, it’s really important to remember to slow down a bit and to drive more carefully. There is also an increased risk of drowsiness among drivers when it’s dark outside. So, please take extra caution when commuting during these times, but it’s especially important to be extra vigilant when driving in your neighborhood or other residential areas, as it may be harder to see children. We all want to enjoy the upcoming holiday season, and to ensure you have a safe and happy holiday season, make sure you get enough sleep and take extra precautions when driving (especially in the dark!).

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